Video of Blue ‘Mutant Fish’ Filmed in Gaston County Lake Now Going Viral


A video claiming to have captured a bright blue ‘mutant fish’ on film in a Gaston County lake is now going viral after media outlets around the world started reporting on it.

Disclose Screen notes that the video was originally filmed on April 10th in a 3.5-acre Gaston County lake by Paula Terrell, who can be heard in the video saying, “It’s something they’ve never seen before”.

After the video was picked up by the UK’s Daily Star and, it started to spread like wildfire around the internet.

Some are saying it could be an elaborate hoax, but other commenters think it’s weird mutation, an alien, or even an offspring of Normie (the Lake Norman Monster).

The original video now has over 244,000 views;

What do you think the mysterious blue creature might be?