Creature Resembling Loch-Ness Monster Spotted In Lake Norman

cover image fromLake Norman Monster: A Decade of Sightings
cover image from Lake Norman Monster: A Decade of Sightings

A 35-year-old man from Mecklenburg County reportedly spotted a “dinosaur-like creature” in Lake Norman.

The man (who wanted to remain anonymous) first sent his eye-witness account to Crypto Zoology, and was then picked up by Fox News and several other media outlets.

“I was on a boat with my friends,” the man told Crypto Zoology. “We where near the lakes main channel when we saw something splashing around in the water.”

The man and a few of his friends spotted the creature while boating around the southern part of Lake Norman. He said that it was about 10-feet-long and reminded him of the mythical Loch Ness monster.

There have been hundreds of sightings of a large dinosaur-like creature in Lake Norman ever since the it was first dammed up in 1963. The website includes an average of about 4 documented sightings every year since 2010 – they’ve compiled all their sightings in a book called Lake Norman Monster: A Decade of Sightings.

The Lake Norman Monster was also featured in an episode of Destination America’s Boogeymen, and a random Canadian show called “Destination Monstre”, here’s the teaser for the “Normie” episode (in French):

According to, “Descriptions of Normie vary from sighting to sighting and range from a crocodilian like creature to the more classic three humped serpent, though most that have seen the Lake Norman Monster seem to agree that the beast is more fish like, with a slender body, thick whisker like appendages, flippers and a ragged looking dorsal fin. Legendary Lake Monster investigator, and founder of the Global Underwater Search Team, GUST, Jan Ove Sunberg, has even expressed interest in the Lake Norman Monster.”

Back in 2006, Capt. Gus Gustafson lead a small film crew on an expedition to find the Lake Norman Monster…with no avail:

What do you think the Lake Norman Monster is?

Have you ever seen it?