US Whitewater Center Rapids Opened Back Up For The First Time In Over A Month


After over a month of shutting down all white-water activities at the US Whitewater Center, things are finally back in full swing.

Hundreds of people were excited to get back in the water this weekend, especially with the record heat we’ve been having:

We’re back in action, folks! #usnwc @usnwc #overboard

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The water was fully drained about a week ago – about a month after the death of a girl died from a water-born amoeba that was contracted at the Center.

Since the incident, local and state health and environmental agencies have teamed up with the CDC to drain water, clean channels and develop a new filter system.

Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink 💦

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Some of the cleaning efforts include using a suction method to remove all of the sediment from along the channels. The amoeba that originally caused all the problems usually lives in that type of sediment.

Are your excited to start hitting the rapids again?