To Cruise or Not to Cruise: The Benefits of a Floating Vacation


In the last few decades, cruises have become wildly popular. Modern-day cruising has become available and accessible to nearly everyone who dreams of spending nights under the stars and days out on the open sea. These massive ships have endless amenities, parties, pools, dancing, buffets, restaurants, and fun. 

All of this, and yet cruises still have their critics! There are common excuses for travelers who don’t want to get on a cruise. “I will be seasick,” “Everyone on the ship will get some exotic virus,” “I’ll feel claustrophobic being locked on the boat,” and “I won’t like the food.” Well, if you’re considering a cruise, know that these myths have been busted by cruise lines time and time again. Read on to find out why you shouldn’t wait another minute before booking your first (or next) cruise!

Why You Should Be Cruising 

  1. Easy, Hassle-Free Travel

A cruise is like an all-inclusive resort – nearly everything comes in a tidy little package tied up with a bow. Transportation to each destination, your room, meals, and entertainment are all booked in one fell swoop when you choose your cruise. You can even book hassle-free cruise transfers to and from the ship for door-to-door travel. This is convenient for large families or groups looking to travel together. 

2. Exotic and Foreign Destinations 

Cruises aren’t just limited to North America – many companies operate worldwide! If you have always dreamed of seeing far-off destinations in Europe, Asia, or South America, a cruise can be an easy way to tick these items off your bucket list. Sometimes it is difficult to navigate certain countries without a guide or those with an intense language or culture barrier. Cruises can be a perfect way to access these places. Ships dock at the most beautiful port cities in each country and offer booking services to help you explore each stop.

Cruising to Europe is a popular option for travelers, and there are various European countries offering cruises that explore the unique beauty each of them has to offer. Croatia is one of the most iconic cruising destinations in Europe. You can explore Dubrovnik with cruises with guided excursions while also enjoying onboard activities such as live shows and entertainment. Aside from Croatia, other European countries also have cruise operators who explore their waters – Greece, Italy, and Spain all have an array of different cruise itineraries allowing visitors to explore these quintessentially European countries in comfort.

3. The Bang for Your Buck

Going on a cruise is an excellent budget-friendly vacation choice. The original fare is an upfront payment that includes nearly your entire vacation – food, hotel room, entertainment, and passage between destinations. Sometimes these fares come out to less than $100 per person per night. That’s often even cheaper than staying at home! Cruising is a great way to have an affordable family vacation versus staying at a resort or theme park. Be sure to account for the extra expenses; alcohol or drinks, gratuities and tips, and shore excursions are often not included in the original package.

4. The Onboard Amenities

Cruise ships are often called floating cities; believe it or not, this analogy is accurate! Cruises offer modern conveniences, even in foreign countries, such as Wi-Fi, cell service, and satellite TV. The onboard shops sell everything you accidentally left at home, and an onboard doctor can provide medicine and care. Cruise ships are equipped with laundry facilities, shopping malls, casinos, many restaurants, several swimming pools, water activities, theaters for shows, discos, movie theaters, and spas. There is even a kids’ club for your little ones to meet new friends!

5. The Sweet Shore Excursions

One of the main reasons to go on a cruise is to visit multiple destinations in one trip. Well, that means you want to do something fun while onshore in each of these places. Enter shore excursions! If you’re interested in tropical water activities, try snorkeling or even learn to scuba dive through coral reefs with local guides! If you’re a history buff, there will be trips available to the nearest historical monuments – whether ancient Roman ruins or Mayan pyramids or other sites, your cruise probably has an option! For the adventurous, there are often ATV rides, dune buggies, hikes, horseback riding, and other adrenaline-producing options!

6. A Cruise for Everyone

When you think of cruises, you probably automatically think of a gigantic ship with over ten decks that’s the size of a couple of football fields. However, that is not always the case! Depending on the destination, there are many different types of cruises. They can come as masted sailboats, small river boats, luxury vessels, or cold water expedition boats. No matter what kind of experience or destination you want to see, there is a cruise for you!

7. Family Time at Its Finest

Cruise vacations are so versatile that they are beloved by all age groups. Kids love splashing around pools, arcades, game rooms, and movie theaters while having the run-of-the-ship in a safe, enclosed environment. Parents love having time to sit back and relax, knowing their children are safe and being able to steal a couple of moments for themselves. Grandparents are cruise lovers as well. Cruising is often the easiest vacation for those who are mobility impaired as there are plenty of accessible activities and excursions. The natural setup of a cruise makes it a wonderful place to spend time with your family while exploring the world together.