These Hardcore Panthers Fans Are Planning On Installing These Billboards Around Greenbay, WI


panthers fan rip down signThis past Sunday, Cam Newton defended the Carolina reputation by tearing down a Green Bay Packers sign that said “North Carolina Cheesehead”. The sign’s owner then filed a report with the police demanding his $500 back and an apology from Cam Newton. The Panthers decided to buy the owner a new sign, but no apology was made by Cam.

A few Panthers fans have now taken it upon themselves to defend the Panther’s honor by raising funds to install billboards throughout the Greenbay region.

The billboards will say “Wisconsin Black N’ Blue Cheese” with a Panthers logo eating a block of cheese.


If they are able to meet their goal by November 13th, they will install 3 digital billboards around the Green Bay, WI region.

Two of the signs will be right next to Lambeau Field for this coming Sunday’s home game against the Detroit Lions.

If you’d like to help defend the Panther’s honor, you can check out their GoFundMe page here.

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