The Rise of Online Gaming During Covid


With the rise of cryptocurrencies and the pandemic shutdowns, many people have been turning online for their gambling entertainment. New sites are increasing security and offering many more options when compared to traditional in-person gaming facilities.

Even poker is now becoming an online pastime, which is especially surprising, considering it’s storied history. Over 2 centuries ago, it was mainly played by con artists, criminals, and knife-makers on riverboats. Now it is a famous ‘sport’ which is played all over the world by professionals. The celebrity status of poker players has replaced today’s criminal group. Moreover, technology has taken it a step further, and poker hands are no longer handled by professional cheaters manipulating the deck but more often by software programs that connect millions of players worldwide.

Back in the day, games like this in betting houses supported by several exciting game machines. And places like that usually have units that reach more or less up to 1000 units. But with the development of technology, this method is considered less efficient because it must take more time to prepare and cost more money. Hence the creation of new high-tech gaming sites like

Many Choices of Game Types

Casino Hex features a wide array of games include gambling games, roulette, baccarat, sic bo, and slots. And each player certainly has their favorite type, but the most popular are Baccarat and Roulette. 

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