The Free Tools that will help you Track your package with ease


Discover the free tools that can help you track your parcel when it is in transit. it provide accurate information about the package and more.

A free tool to track and trace your parcels

Tracking your parcel is almost impossible without a tracking number. Even though you can track your parcel on the courier’s website, there are various tools or methods of tracking your package now available. Unfortunately, very few people know that an independent platform can provide accurate details about the whereabouts of your parcel and that no matter if you are looking for China Post tracking or UPS tracking services, these platforms will be able to track the parcel with accuracy. 

Third-party websites now provide tracking services for people to search for the location of their parcels. To learn more about the free tools to track, read this piece.

Which tools can I use to track my parcel?

You can find more than a thousand free tracking tools on the internet. However, not all tracking tools are as good as they claim. Some parcel tracking tools may not provide as many details as you would like. On the other hand, others may not provide you with the accurate location of the package.

Furthermore, we will highlight just a few of the best tracking tools. For instance, you can track your package through China Post or Yanwen tracking page available on Ordertracker. This free tracking tool gives you accurate information about the location of your parcel, wherever it is in the world. More so, they partner with various courier and shipping companies around the globe. 

How to track your parcel with a tracking tool

Tracking your parcel on a third-party website is similar to tracking it on a courier website. The entire tracking process often takes less than a few seconds. Furthermore, to track your parcel on a third-party website, do the following:

  • Get the tracking number for your order
  • Insert the tracking number in the search bar
  • Make sure the tracking number is complete
  • Hit the “Search’’ button

Assuming the tracking number is not complete, the tracking process will be stalled. In addition, you have to make sure the tracking tool you are using partners with the courier or shipping company, or else you may not find any results.

Other ways to track your parcel include using the courier’s mobile application if they have one. Interestingly, using the mobile application of a courier seems ideal because it reduces the amount of data used compared to their website.

Also, courier companies often request the email addresses of their customers. In most cases, they provide their customers with updates via email. Based on this, you need to provide an accurate email address while filling out the form. 

Can I track my parcel for free on an online platform

Yes, you can track your parcel for free. Whether you decide to track your parcel on a third-party website or the courier website, you can do it for free. Depending on the third-party tracking tool, you may be requested to provide additional information, like the name of the courier in charge, but with Ordertracker or Parcelsap, this process is automated and the courier in charge is detected by the tracking number that you provided. 

Pick the right courier and tracking platform

Make sure that the tracking number is handy, accurate and doesn’t get missed in any way. It’s very common to be in possession of only an order number, so make sure that you have the correct tracking ID from the seller. If you are not in possession of it, request it from the store, as without this information, following on your delivery will be impossible.
The customer support on the tracking website can sometimes even help you retrieve the tracking if it goes missing by getting in touch with the courier on your behalf.