Superbowl 50 Panther’s Cheerleader Whitleigh Cook Starts Dance Studio in Mint Hill


Whitleigh Cook, a Superbowl 50 Cheerleader for the Panthers, started her own dance studio in Mint Hill that’s not only winning trophies, but also changing lives.

I had the incredible opportunity to visit her studio and find out what makes Mint Hill Dance Center one-of-a-kind:

Whitleigh told me, “a trophy is not going to help a kid get a job, but kids can learn respect, responsibility, and how to work with others.”

Mint Hill Dance Center certainly has its fair share of trophies, but what really sets them apart is their focus on personal growth over professional achievements. They emphasize teamwork and positive attitudes as much as possible.

Whitleigh has managed and directed the studio since 2010 and is a past National Board Secretary for Delta Chi Xi Honorary Dance Fraternity, Inc., member and past ambassador of the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce, judge for regional and National Dance Competitions, as well as local pageants, and is a Women Inspiring Strength and Hope Society Member in the Make A Wish Chapter of Charlotte. Whitleigh was also a 2 year veteran and Super Bowl NFL Cheerleader for the Carolina Panthers.

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