South Carolina’s Governor Nikki Haley Takes Down Donald Trump on Twitter


Governor Nikki “Hailey” and Donald Trump engaged in a minor Twitter battle this week after the governor showed her continued support for Rubio.

Haley was quoted as saying that as an accountant, she knows there is nothing in an audit that precludes someone from releasing a tax return — a defense Trump has used to turn back pressure to disclose his own tax documents.

“Donald Trump, show us your tax return,” Haley told the crowd at this week’s Rubio rally.

Trump then tweeted yesterday afternoon “The people of South Carolina are embarrassed by Nikki Hailey!” (misspelling the governor’s last name).

Trump’s advisers then quickly deleted the Tweet and replaced it with the correct spelling;

donald trump on social media

Then about 1 hour later, Governor Nikki Haley tweeted this;

donald trump on social media 2

And every good southerner knows, “Bless your heart” is the ultimate dis.

Here was the original interview that set Donald Trump off;

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