South Carolina Principal Chokes Student Until She Passes Out (Video)


Mack Burgess is now under investigation after he made a 15-year-old student pass out by placing her in a choke hold while attempting to break up a fight.

Charlotte Stories obtained this shocking footage shot from a cell phone camera of the entire event;

The Kingstree Senior High girl was fighting with another student this past week on school property when the assistant principal intervened.

69-year-old Mack Burgess grabbed the girl from behind and placed her in a choke hold, gripping her “so tightly” that she went limp in his arms, police said.

The girl’s mother, Yalonda Nesmith, told The Washington Post that she thinks Burgess went too far in restraining her daughter.

“This is no longer about the fight. It’s about how he handled my daughter.” she commented in her interview. “It hurt to see my daughter go limp in the video. Her brain wasn’t getting any blood, so her body did what it had to do – and she passed out.”

Nesmith said she took her daughter to a hospital because the girl could not turn her head without pain. Police said investigators are now still waiting for the medical records, at which time they will decide if they will press charges.

Do you think the principle went to far? What, if any, should be his consequences?



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