Social Media Star ‘Grumpy Cat’ Visited Charlotte. It was terrible.


With the PGA Championship in town this week, national celebrities continue to be spotted all around town. Justin Bieber was seen on Tuesday, and Michael Phelps stopped by yesterday, but neither attracted as much attention as when the world’s most famous (and most unhappy) feline came to town.

Grumpy Cat, the legendary internet celebrity cat, with over 1.25 million followers on Twitter, and 2.3 million followers on Instagram came to Charlotte this past week and ended up spending most of her time inside her hotel room.

She stayed at the Ivey’s Hotel in Uptown where she documented her entire experience in blog form:

She was given the finest cookies and milk and hated them both;

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She also ran into Sir Purr, which she said was a truly miserable experience;

Charlotte’s local Friskies rep even took some quick pics, which really seemed to annoy Grumpy Cat;

As the PGA Championship enters its final two days, we’re sure to see a host of other celebrities and social media stars around town.

Who are you hoping to see?