Report: Racial Disparities in Access to Charlotte’s Public Spaces


The Knight Foundation has just released a new report which explores what attaches residents to their communities, and found racial disparities in access to amenities in Charlotte.

The major findings are:

  • Fewer people of color (78%) than whites (86%) feel they have easy access to recreational areas of the city.
  • Likewise, 87% of Charlotteans say safe places to live, work and play are very important, and 75% report easy access to them. However, that figure drops to 68% for residents of color.
  • In Charlotte, 59% of residents say recreational areas such as parks and trails are very important to them, and 83% feel they are easy to access.

Overall, amid the ongoing national reckoning on racial justice, the data points to racial disparities in residents’ feelings of access and attachment in their communities. You can explore the Charlotte data by clicking this link, and selecting the ‘Charlotte’ tab from the drop-down menu.