Planning A Meaningful Wedding In Charlotte

The years 2021 and 2022 are expected to be one of the busiest times for weddings in recent years, owing in no small part to the cancellation of the vast majority of weddings in 2020. Despite catering venues, churches, celebration halls, and other wedding related services expected to be fully open by the end of the year, there is no doubt that recent world events have created new wedding trends that are here to stay in Charlotte, NC. Just a few of these include the penchant for outdoor weddings, a greater role being played by sustainability, and a greater importance being given to meaning – in everything from wedding fashions to engagement and wedding rings.
In Search Of Meaning
Millennials are known as a purpose-centered generation, with research indicating that 63% of people aged 35 and under believe that the primary purpose of any business should be to “improve society.” The wish to back purpose-driven companies affects choices such as where to celebrate a wedding and even where to get married. Thus, couples who love nature and the environment may shun large wedding halls and head to nature-filled areas in Charlotte that may mean something to them personally, while also expressing their passion for the outdoors. Charlotte and its close surroundings are home to picturesque natural sites filled with lush nature, which also makes a perfect backdrop for romantic wedding pictures. Just a few bucolic spots to celebrate a wedding include Il Bella Gardens (a 20-acre spot located just outside Charlotte) and the Foundation for the Carolinas (this venue has a more urban feel; it is located within Uptown Charlotte but features a stunning vertical garden). Additional spots to consider include The Ballantyne (an elegant resort in South Charlotte), Alexander Homestead Weddings (featuring a beautiful garden gazebo), and the Ballantyne Country Club (with its carefully manicured lawn, vertiginous trees, and elegant outdoor settings).
Jewelry That Tells A Story
Vintage styles are increasingly holding sway among brides and grooms – both in their wedding jewelry selection and their outfits. When it comes to jewelry, classic styles such as princess, pear-shaped and halo-shaped diamond rings are in, as are vintage nature-inspired necklaces, pearl chokers or earrings, and eternity rings worn as wedding bands. Because millennials are into customized experiences, many are choosing to marry old and new – some, for instance, are choosing traditional styles but opting for colored diamonds, emeralds, or even pearls in lieu of the transparent diamond ring. Others are wearing ‘something blue’ as a choker necklace, opting for sapphires or topaz instead of diamonds. The key is to pay homage to the past while maintaining your sense of style. Charlotte is home to jewelry houses in areas such as The Arboretum Shopping Center and Providence Road.
Sustainable Weddings In Charlotte
Charlotte brides and grooms are embracing the ‘green wedding’ trend, aiming to create as small a carbon footprint as possible on their big day. They are asking local suppliers to create everything from green invitations (on recycled paper) to potted flower arrangements (so that flowers do not have to be cut or uprooted). The love of the green life is extending itself to food, with many couples delighting guests with organic food grown by local farmers and prepared by local chefs. Even old dresses and suits are finding new life, with a few alterations turning a vintage gown into a perfect statement dress for a 2021 (or 2022) wedding.
It’s an exciting time for the wedding industry, which looks to be firmly back on track after a hiatus. Millennial aged brides and grooms are opting for meaning-filled weddings that are sustainable and personal all at once. From nature-surrounded receptions to eco-friendly food, they are showing that it is possible to have an amazing party while staying true to your values and personal sense of style.