The Panthers Still Have A Chance To Make It To Superbowl 51 – Here’s How


panthers-going-to-superbowl-51Last night’s 26-15 victory against the Washington Redskins kept the Panther’s playoff and Superbowl hopes alive!

Now all the Panthers have to do is win the rest of their games…

…and have Tampa Bay (8-6) and Green Bay (8-6) lose their next two games, The Vikings (7-7) win their next game, and lose the game after that, The Saints (6-8) win their next game, and lose the game after that, and the Redskins (7-6-1) win one of their next two games…

…and tie the other one…


That would all result in four teams – the Panthers, Packers, Buccaneers and Vikings – being tied at 8-8. Current NFL tie-breaking procedures, which involve eliminating all but the top team in the division first, would then give the playoff edge to the Panthers.

Continued victories in the post-season would then lead the Panthers to Superbowl 51.

Going from an almost undefeated season last year to a losing season this year, a Superbowl win for the Panthers would certainly go down as one of the most historic comeback stories in NFL history!

Superbowl 51, here we come!