Over 100,000 Gallons of Raw Sewage Spilled In Myrtle Beach


Over 100,000 gallons of raw sewage has just spilled onto the coast of Myrtle Beach.

According to the city’s Facebook post, The rupture happened at the top of an older ductile iron pipe, which has been in service for 30-plus years. The pipe wall thinned over time due to age and corrosive gases, and it’s thought that today’s heavier-than-normal flow volumes may have caused the pipe to break…”

The spill occured near the Mary C. Canty Recreation Center and flowed downstream into the ocean near the Family Kingdom Amusement Park, according to officials;

According to the DHEC website, there is now a long-term swim advisory in affect for the public beach access outside of the park;

The advisory will remain in effect until water quality returns to acceptable levels.

Officialls recommend that anyone with well water in Myrtle Beach test their water with a home testing kit, and consider installing a reverse osmosis filter on any faucet used for drinking water.