It’s Now Unlikely Luke Kuechly Suffered A Concussion – May Be Cleared To Play on Sunday


Good news for Carolina Panthers fans!

According to ESPN, the Panthers’ staff don’t believe that Luke Kuechly suffered his 3rd concussion on Thursday.

Even though the Panthers publically announced yesterday that Luke is still on the concussion protocol (meaning he’ll have to pass five levels of tests before he is cleared);

None of the tests that have been performed since Thursday night have revealed any signs of another concussion.

On Friday, Panthers defensive coordinator Steve Wilks told reporters that Luke appeared to be doing very well;

“It’s always encouraging, not just from a standpoint of Luke getting back on the field, but with his health. It’s good to know he was feeling a lot better today, in good spirits and being his old self. I’m excited about that.”

There’s no guarantee that Luke will be able to play next Sunday against the Chicago Bears, but at this point, the Panthers are assuming he’ll be cleared, according to inside sources.

Since he has already had two confirmed concussions in the past two years, the Panthers don’t seem to be taking any chances.