North Carolina’s Favorite Jelly Bean Flavor Might Surprise You


Are you a jelly bean fan! Have you always been dying to know what North Carolina’s most popular jelly bean flavor is?

I know I have.

Thankfully, the website recently released the results of a major national survey they conducted to discover, once and for all, what the most popular jelly bean flavor in each state really is.

According to the report, North Carolina’s favorite flavor is black licorice (which also ranked #2 in America);

Source: 10+ years bulk candy sales data from

“Maybe it’s because North Carolina is home to the Tar Heels that the people in this state enjoy black licorice jelly beans best. Or maybe it’s because black licorice is a classic flavor that’s proven its popularity over decades,” the report notes.

South Carolina’s favorite jelly bean flavor is Cherry – which is also the 5th most-liked flavor in the country.

What’s your favorite Jelly Bean flavor?