North Carolina Just Approved More Than $1.5 Billion In COVID-19 Relief Funds


This past weekend, the NC General Assembly signed 2 widespread bills (HB 1043 and SB 704) that will provide over $1.5 billion in relief during our current COVID-19 pandemic.

The bills are designed to provide financial relief to a wide spectrum of communities, organizations, and municipalities across our state.

Governor Cooper, who is expected to sign both bills soon, released the following statement about the bills:

“I applaud the General Assembly for working quickly to pass legislation to fight COVID-19 in North Carolina. These bills were developed collaboratively, and although it’s just a first step, they are the product of a consensus approach that I hope can continue. I will be reviewing them closely and look forward to taking action on them soon.”


The bills will provide:

Over $280 million for educational organizations, with the following breakdown:

  • $75 million for School Nutrition
  • $70 million for Summer Learning Programs
  • $11 million for K-12 Connectivity
  • $30 million for K-12 Student Devices
  • $10 million for Student Health
  • $25 million for Community Colleges
  • $44.4 million for UNC Flexibility Funding
  • $20 million for Private College Assistance

$115 million for DHHS, with the following breakdown:

  • $25 million for Testing, Tracing and Trends
  • $20 million for Enhanced Public Health Capacity
  • $20 million for Enhanced Behavioral Health
  • $50 million for Rural and Underserved Communities

$27.5 million for Food, Safety, Shelter, Foster and Child Care

$25 million for Assisted Living Facilities

$85 million for the N.C. Medical School Research Fund, with the following breakdown:

  • $29 million for UNC School of Public Health/NC Collaboratory
  • $15 million for Duke University Human Vaccine Institute
  • $15 million for ECU Brody School of Medicine
  • $6 million for Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine
  • $20 million for Wake Forest University Health Services

$95 million for North Carolina Hospitals, including the following breakdown:

  • $65 million for Rural Hospitals
  • $15 million for Teaching Hospitals Relief Fund
  • $15 million for the General Hospital Relief Fund

$150 million for Local Government Assistance

$61.5 million for Providers and Emergency Responders, including the following breakdown:

  • $50 million for Enhanced PPE and Sanitation Supplies
  • $5 million for Association of Community Health Centers
  • $1.5 million for Prescriptions for Indigent and Uninsured
  • $5 million for Charitable Clinics

$125 million for Small Business Assistance Loans

$85 million for State Government Operations

$300 million for Transportation Operations

$5 million for Tourism Industry Support

$9 million for Broadband Connectivity


What do you think about all the assistance? 

Do you think the money is being used wisely?