North Carolina Becomes The First State to Vote as Absentee Ballots Are Sent Out


Today, North Carolina becomes the first state to vote as absentee ballots begin to be sent out. North Carolina offers three safe and convenient ways to vote. A voter can vote early in person, vote-by-mail, or vote at their precinct on Election Day (election officials are reminding residents to only choose 1 option to vote to reduce longer lines for everyone).

“A record number of North Carolinians have requested to vote by mail,” said Governor Roy Cooper. “Voting by mail, voting early in person, and voting on November 3rd are all convenient and easy options. Make sure you, your neighbors, family, and friends have a voting plan.”

“Voting is the most powerful way to enact change,” said Attorney General Josh Stein “Our state is the first in the nation to start making that change, mailing out absentee ballots on September 4th. Every eligible voter in North Carolina can request a mail-in absentee ballot, take advantage of 17 days of early voting in October, including weekends, or vote on November 3. What’s most important is that you have a plan to vote.”

You can find out more information about voting or request your absentee ballot online on North Carolina’s State Board of Elections website here.