NoDa’s Neighborhood Theater Building Was Sold For $5.6 Million


charlotte-neighborhood-theaterOne of Charlotte’s most legendary music venues recently sold for $5.6 million to a subsidiary of LCRE Partners.

The sale included the entire building on the corner of 36th and North Davidson, which includes The Neighborhood Theater, Boudreaux’s, the Sanctuary, Salud Beer Shop and FuD at Salud.

Mecklenburg County’s Register of Deeds states that the new owner of the property is ’36 and NODA LLC’, an entity created by LCRE Partners.

The company doesn’t currently have any plans to demolish or significantly alter the building. They plan on unfitting differed maintenance issues for the short term, and will decide the future of the building once the new light rail extension up to University City is completed, according to a statement from LCRE.

NoDa is currently one of the fastest growing areas of our city, with massive new developments changing the entire landscape of the neighborhood, including the Mercury NoDa Apartment complex, and the just-announced ‘NoDa Station‘, a sprawling 5-story mixed-use development.

It would be another huge blow to the local music scene in Charlotte if LCRE did decided to redevelop the Neighborhood Theater, considering we’re already losing The Double Door and Amos Southend – and that the fate of The Milestone still remains uncertain.

Do you think Charlotte should fight to keep our remaining music venues?




  1. The article actually does mention demolishing, hopefully that won’t happen but it puts the idea out there. I was there for the first show w/ the unisex bathroom…… IMAGINE THAT w/ the swinging light bulb lamp up in the balcony.
    Thank you, Paul and Sharon for starting this long strange trip in NODA. Times change as well as music, but you offered great talent then for us to enjoy. That has dwindled in the past few years as well as my visits. Fond memories to all…….