Amos’ Southend Closing It’s Doors – Sunday They’ll Be Hosting One Last Massive Concert


Another legendary music venue in the Queen City on Sunday, March 5th.

This weekend they’ve been hosting non-stop farewell concerts, and tomorrow night will be their final one.

The massive concert will begin at 4pm in the afternoon (doors will open at 3:30), and will feature tons of mostly local bands, including; Beyond The Fade, Prowess, AuxiliA, Watch Husky Burn, Beyond The Broken, A Graceful Regret, Teratorn, A Light Divided, Skinn Jackitt, Skipper the Lion, Rock U Roadshow Band.

For tickets or more info on tomorrow’s concert click here.

In honor of all the incredible music that Amos’ has brought us over the years, we decided to put together a tribute video featuring some of its greatest moments:

This tragic announcement follows the closings The Chop Shop in NoDa, Tremont Music Hall in Southend, and Tommy’s Pub in Plaza Midwood, as well as the recently closed Double Door Inn in Elizabeth (they played their last show on January 2).

Amos’ is yet another local business that’s closed or relocated due to the explosive growth caused by the LYNX Blue Line.

Owner John Ellison has just announced that he will be transforming the music hall into a new “Gin Mill on steroids”. John owns both Amos’ and the Gin Mill next door and he’s decided that it makes more financial sense to use Amos’ larger building to rebuild the Gin Mill.

For more information on what Amos will become click here.