Here’s What Will Take The Place of Amos’ Southend After It Closes Next Month


In less than a month, Charlotte’s legendary Amos’ Southend will be closing, following the lead of a long line of other venues to close around our city, including; The Chop Shop in NoDa, Tremont Music Hall in Southend, Tommy’s Pub in Plaza Midwood, and the recently closed Double Door Inn in Elizabeth.

Owner John Ellison has just announced that he will be transforming the music hall into a new “Gin Mill on steroids”. John owns both Amos’ and the Gin Mill next door and he’s decided that it makes more financial sense to use Amos’ larger building to rebuild the Gin Mill.

ginmill-amos-southendThe new and improved Gin Mill will feature 4,400 square-feet of interior space with a bar, restaurant, a small stage and a sound system to host bands on the weekend.

The upgraded Gin Mill will offer American bar food, including sandwiches, appetizers, flatbreads and wings. The plan is for the back patio to be dog-friendly, he added.

John still isn’t sure what he’ll do with the Gin Mill’s old old building across the street.

In honor of all the incredible music that Amos’ has brought us over the years, we decided to put together a tribute video featuring some of its greatest moments:

What do you think about the new plans for the old Amos’ Southend building?