Muslim Woman Was Removed From Donald Trump Rally in Rock Hill


As Donald Trump was telling his Rock Hill, SC supporters this past Friday night that Syrian refugees who come to America “probably are ISIS,” a woman sitting in the stands behind him silently stood up.

The crowd soon erupted, chanting: “Trump! Trump! Trump!” (which they were told to do as a formal signal for security to remove someone).

She was joined by several other protesters, all wearing yellow eight-pointed stars, reminiscent of the six-pointed stars Jews were forced by the Nazis to wear on their clothing during the Holocaust. On the eight-pointed stars, a common symbol in the Islamic world, was this message: “Stop Islamophobia.”

muslim woman rock hillRose Hamid, a 56-year-old flight attendant, was interviewed after the rally by CNN. Hamid told reporters that some of the Trump supporters sitting near her were kind and apologized as she was led out. But she said others accused her of having a bomb or shouted “Get out!”

“This demonstrates how when you start dehumanizing the other, it can turn people into very hateful, ugly people. It needs to be known,” she remarked to CNN.

Many people took to Twitter to show their support for Rose;

While others said she knew she would be kicked out;

Do you think she should have been removed?



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