Moving Day Etiquette: What To Do When The Movers Are Helping You Move


The fact that you’ve decided to hire the best moving services in your area demonstrates that you’re serious about having a smooth move from beginning to end. Your decision to hire a professional moving company in Rockville MD, for your upcoming move makes perfect sense when you know you won’t be able to lean on your friends for assistance.

When you hire professional movers, you can relax a bit on moving day. But your work still needs to be completed. In fact, it’s far from it. Knowing your responsibilities during the move can make the day go more smoothly. Hiring a professional moving company helps make packing and moving much easier, but there are some things you should do to make the moving day as easy for everyone as possible.

Here’s what you should do when movers arrive and throughout the moving process.

Make Sure The Movers Have Easy Access

Making sure the movers have easy access is especially important if you reside in a high-rise building or an apartment complex. Reserve elevators and loading docks ahead of time if the movers need to use them.

If this is neglected, other movers may take them on moving day, resulting in high extra costs that could’ve been avoided. 

There should be clear, walkable spaces leading to and from every room in your house or apartment. This will keep things moving smoothly and minimize accidents and unnecessary damage from stumbles and falls.

Pack What Your Movers Do Not Move

Even full-service movers cannot transport everything for you. Moving companies are not legally authorized to transport flammable, perishable, or dangerous items. (At the very least, you know it’s not personal!)

Set these items aside in a section labeled “do not pack” (make a sign if necessary) so the movers know to leave them alone. Pack them into your car while they take care of everything else.

Keep kids and pets out of the way

While your children and pets are adorable, movers do not want them underfoot all day.

Unruly children and irresponsible pets running all over a messy house full of working men and women slows things down and makes it dangerous. 

Tripping over a dog or a toddler while carrying a heavy triple dresser down the stairs could be disastrous.

Send children and pets to a friend’s or relative’s house or set aside a bedroom where they may relax comfortably and safely out of the way until the movers are in the house.

Offer Refreshments

While your movers are exerting themselves lifting heavy boxes, towing couches through the lobby, and stepping down the stairs while trying not to drop and break your expensive china, it’s a thoughtful gesture to offer them some refreshments to keep them charged and hydrated. 

You can set up a station with water bottles, coffee, and grab-and-go treats so everyone can remain alert on the big day. An ice cooler will keep water cold all day, and pre-made coffee will make caffeinating a breeze.

Stay Out of Their Way!

While you should undoubtedly point out fragile items or tricky staircases, it’s not necessary to hover over your moving crew and tell them how to move and pack each box. Rely on their knowledge and let them handle things their way. After all, you decided to hire professional movers for a reason. If your movers and packers have a question for you, they will come to you.


Hiring a moving company does not imply that you will be idle. You could do a few things while the movers are working to make their job easier. The most important thing to remember is that appointing a quality moving company delegated the heavy lifting to them, while your job was to supervise the move and double-check that everything was in order.