Mike Rowe’s ‘Returning The Favor’ Series Travels To Davidson To Film Local Hero


The latest episode of ‘Returning the Favor’ with host Mike Rowe (star of Discovery Channel’s ‘Dirty Jobs’) was just filmed in Davidson, NC and features Davidson local, Dan Berei.

Dan Berei is a U.S Army veteran who started Combat Flags, an operation inspired by Americas combat soldiers and the struggle they continue to endure.

Dan takes donated military-worn fatigues and turns them into 4×6 inch American Flags. He prints a short bio of the previous owner on brown cotton fabric and stitches it to the fatigue material, then stamps the fatigue side with a hand carved American stamp to finish it off.

Every flag is unique – some ripped, some stained – and reflects the culture of the military perfectly. Once the flags are complete, he sells them on etsy.com and donates half of every sale to Stop Soldier Suicide. Stop Soldier Suicide brings awareness to, and actively curbs, the growing suicide epidemic among past and present Service members.

You can watch the full episode of Returning the Favor with Dan Berei here;

Mike Rowe has been traveling the country in search of outstanding people making a difference in their communities and returns the favor by rewarding these do-gooders.

“Micro-favors are an attempt to acknowledge more people than we could ever hope to reach with our regular format,” commented Rowe. “Shorter profiles with more modest rewards, but no less impactful. Hopefully, they’ll inspire viewers to start submitting their own versions. That’s the ultimate goal.”