Mecklenburg County Just Extended The ‘Stay at Home Order’ Until April 29th


With a total of 1,098 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 21 confirmed COVID-19 deaths in Mecklenburg County, area leaders have just made the decision to extend the county-wide stay at home order to April 29th.

The initial Mecklenburg County ‘Stay at Home Order‘ was set to expire on April 16th, however, “based upon the current trends and statistics it is necessary to extend the expiration date of the local Declaration”.

The language of the revision reads:

“This Amended and Revised Joint Proclamation be adopted and hereby incorporates all the terms and provisions of the local Proclamation entered on March 13, 2020 and the local Declaration entered March 26, 2020, which terms and provisions are incorporated herein by reference, including the terms and provisions of Executive Orders No. 121 and 131, and to the extent there are inconsistencies in the foregoing Proclamation and Executive Orders, the more restrictive provision controls , and extends the local Declaration to terminate on April 29, 2020 or thirty (30) days from March 30, 2020 consistent with the Governor’s Executive Order No. 121, or to such future date if further extended by Governor to coincide with any future extensions , unless sooner revised, amended or terminated.”

Given that Mecklenburg County recently announced the newly anticipated peak date to be June 8th, it seems likely that out local stay at home order may be extended again past April 29th.

What do you think about the stay at home order?