Local Police Are Trying To Shut Down Lake Norman’s Sandbar Parties


On any given weekend at Lake Norman’s sand bar, anywhere from 100 to 250 boats will gather together to bask in the sun and enjoy the water, but many don’t know that they are breaking the rules.

According to the Lake Norman Marine Commission’s ordinance, no more than 10 boats are allowed to ‘raft’ together between 100-300 yards from the shoreline. ‘Rafting’ of 11 or more boats is permitted more than 300 yards from the shoreline.

According to the ordinance, “Rafting” means the anchoring, tying, fastening, linking, or joining of any combination of three (3) or more vessels together.”

Over the past few years there have been numerous noise complains, injuries, and even drownings at the sand bar ‘rafting’ parties.

Local police have stated that they will begin to be more intentional about enforcing the commission’s ordinance, specifically during peak times around the sand bar.

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Have you been to Lake Norman’s sand bar?

What do you think about the ordinances’ policies?