Immigration Protesters Shut Down City Council Meeting


After immigration protesters marched through Marshall park yesterday, they headed up the street to fill the lobby and chambers where the Charlotte City Council was having one of their regularly scheduled meetings.

Here is a clip of protesters in the lobby of the government building, shouting, “No More ICE”:

As more and more protesters began chanting “Do Your Job”, the Charlotte City Council couldn’t hear the speakers over the chants, and decided to walk out of the meeting for the night:

Many of the council members then moved into the lobby of the government center to talk to activists one-on-one.

The protests and council meeting shut-down was organized by the local immigrant rights activist group “Comunidad Colectiva“.

Their primary demands included:

▪ Fighting North Carolina’s House Bill 318, that requires local law enforcement’s cooperation with federal immigration officials, as well as local police partnerships with immigration agencies.

▪ Requiring the CMPD to “use discretion” when they arrest, detain, or deport undocumented immigrants.

▪ Provide city-funded legal services for any undocumented immigrants who may be facing deportation.

Here is a full video of the entire protest:

What do you think about the protest and their demands?

Do you think the City of Charlotte should support federally mandated deportations?