I-77 Toll Lanes Finally Opening Today


After almost 4 years of non-stop road construction on I-77, the highly contested toll lanes will finally be opening today for the first time.

The northern section of the lanes will be the first to open this morning at 10am, from Exit 36 in Mooresville to Hambright Rd. in Huntersville (both directions).

Because only the northern section will be open, I-77 Mobility Partners (owned by Spanish company Ferrovial) will be discounted rates by 25% until the entire route is up and running. Factoring in the discount, the 15-mile journey will cost $3.35 at rush hour, or $1.95 off-peak, one way.

“We are excited for drivers to start using this section of the express lanes, as we offer a new transportation choice along the I-77 corridor,” said I-77 Mobility Partners CEO Javier Tamargo.

“High Occupancy Vehicles” with 3 or more passengers will be able to use the toll lanes for free by flipping a switch on their transponder or indicating high occupancy on their mobile app.

Here is an overly optimistic and positive video about using the toll lanes, produced by the Spanish company;