There’s An Unnecessarily Complicated Way To Ride In The I-77 Toll Lanes For Free


The I-77 Mobility Partners have given I-77 drivers a tiny break…after they jump through a few hoops.

According to their policy, motorists can drive on the HOV sections of the toll lanes for free if they;

  • Have at least 3 passengers in their car


  • Purchase an NC Quick Pass Transponder
  • Declare your express lane status via transponder switch


  • Download the NC Quick Pass App
  • Place the Quick Pass sticker on your car
  • Press toll lane button on app at least 15 minutes before traveling into a toll lane

The I-77 Mobility Partners website also notes that  “Although motorcycles do not require a passenger, they must have a properly-mounted NC Quick Pass attached to the bike in order to use the express lanes for free.”