How to Explain to Your Kids What Kratom Is


When Is the Best Time to Talk to Your Kids About Kratom?

How to Talk About Kratom to Your Kids

Set the Right Tone

If You Use Kratom, Explain Why

Answering the Common Questions Kids Ask About Kratom

One thing that all parents should be prepared for is questions. Kids are curious about everything, so if your kiddo wants to know what red vein Thai kratom by Kratom Country is or what kratom does, you should be prepared to answer confidently. 

Read on for some common questions they might ask you and how to answer them as simply as possible. You’ll also find some helpful tips for talking to your kids about kratom.

Let’s get started. 

When Is the Best Time to Talk to Your Kids About Kratom?

Now. If you have older kids, they may have already heard about it, so even your little ones will come across it at some point. It’s best to talk to them about kratom as soon as possible before they learn any of the stigmas associated with it or try it too young.

What if your kids never ask you? Avoid waiting for them to come to you about kratom. It could be potentially dangerous if they get a hold of the green powder without knowing about it first. Since it’s widely available in health stores, this is a must-have conversation.

How to Talk About Kratom to Your Kids

Use age-appropriate language. It can be difficult to explain “big words” associated with kratom use, like alkaloids, but ensure you break down what they mean into simple definitions. 

Answer all the questions your kids have. Depending on their age, they may be focused on topics that seem silly to you, like how it smells and why people want to drink it. These are important things for your children to know, so entertain their curiosity. 

Set the Right Tone

Avoid sounding nervous or scared when answering questions like, “How does kratom make you feel?” You don’t want your kids to think it’s something to be ashamed of or something bad that naughty adults do. 

Use a calm, understanding tone. If you don’t know how to answer something, that’s okay. Just tell your kids to give you some time to think about that one and get to it another day. 

You could also say, “Wow, that’s a great question! Let’s look it up together”. Transparency and openness are key for these types of conversations. 

If You Use Kratom, Explain Why

Being a responsible kratom user means telling your kids about it. What does kratom do for you? Explain how it helps you and talk about your life before drinking the green powder. 

It’s crucial to tell your kids this because they’ll understand how kratom helps people with certain medical conditions. You could also show them your products, but ensure you keep them in a locked cupboard or somewhere they can’t reach.

Answering the Common Questions Kids Ask About Kratom

Below are some of the most popular questions you may get from your kids. The answers are easy enough for most age groups, but if your children are very little, you may have to simplify them further. 

What Is Kratom?

Many people want to know what kratom is, and the answer is easier than you think. Kratom is an extract that originates from an evergreen Southeast Asian tree called Mitragyna speciosa. It’s grown in several parts of the region, where people chew on the leaves or make tea with them. 

The kratom tree is related to the coffee plant. It’s also known as herbal speedball, kahuam, ketum, thom, and ithang. 

Kratom contains alkaloids that affect humans and animals. For example, some of them make you energetic, and you feel sleepy with others. The main alkaloids in kratom are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

How Does Kratom Look?

Kratom plants are, in fact, trees that grow in tropical regions of Southeast Asia. They’re very tall and can reach about 100 feet high. They have big green leaves that are bunched together along the stem. 

What does kratom look like? When you buy kratom from the shop, it usually comes in powders, capsules, or as tea. It’s typically green, but it could also look red or orange. 

What Does Kratom Smell Like?

Cutting the kratom leaves off the plant makes them smell like freshly mowed grass. It has a very earthy scent, almost like the smell of the ground after it rains. 

Kratom powder has been dried, so it has a different aroma. It smells like green tea or dried herbs. If you have a bottle of oregano or green tea bags in the kitchen, let your kid give those a sniff to make the talk more interactive. 

Is Kratom Dangerous?

Be careful of your tone when answering this question. You don’t want to scare your kids, but you want them to know it’s medicine only adults can use. Is kratom bad for you? Here are the three main things to cover: 

  • Kratom can be dangerous if underage people or those with certain medical conditions use it. 
  • If people overdose by taking extremely high amounts, it could be fatal. 
  • It’s safe when grown-ups use the correct amount and don’t abuse it. 

Why Do People Use Kratom?

Sometimes people use kratom because it helps them with pain, and they don’t want to take too many pills. They prefer to take the green powder because it’s a natural way to get relief. 

People can get stressed out and become extremely nervous. We sometimes call this anxiety. It can be challenging to reduce your anxiety and stress. Kratom powder use may help you calm down and feel less tense. 

Some people have something called depression which is when they become sad, hopeless, or irritable. They might do poorly at work or lose interest in fun things. Kratom might make them feel happier and help them do better at work or start enjoying their hobbies again.