5 Safe & Natural Ways to Relieve Stress


It’s common for people to turn to things like substances to relieve stress. “I need a drink!” is a common phrase one will hear from a peer at the end of a long week. While relaxing and enjoying a night out with friends is great every now and then, if substances become your crutch to unwind, you could end up with serious health problems. Instead, consider these natural ways you can relieve stress: 

Get a medical marijuana prescription

If you suffer from serious anxiety or stress in your life, you may be able to get prescribed medical marijuana by your health provider. While you’ll need a PA medical card or one for New York, depending on where you’re located, it can help you to minimize panic attacks and other issues related to serious stress. 

While you may live in a state where marijuana is legal, it’s still wise to speak to your doctor to make sure you’re getting the right dosage and strain, as different types of marijuana can have different effects. 

There are a lot of brands that offer CBD and hemp-based products and various supplements that can be used to relieve anxiety and stress like BrainFit and ChemicalPlanet. Make sure you do thorough research and learn about the potential risks and benefits of taking various supplements. We strongly recommend that you consult a GP before using any supplements, as they all might have negative side effects.

Participate in a team sport

Participating in a team sport can be a great stress reducer. It allows you to get distracted, forget about the sources of stress in your life, and helps you get some much-needed exercise. 

Whether you join a soccer team in Texas or ride mountain bikes in Big Bear, getting outside and having fun while you’re at it is a great way to decrease stress in your life. 

Get a massage

Perhaps you book a massage with someone who comes to your home and sets up candles and aromatherapy with essential oils to make it a calming environment. Or, maybe you book a massage at your local spa. Wherever you get a massage, this pampering can do a lot of good for you. 

With your body relaxed and tension massaged away, you’ll feel like a brand-new person. While you may not be able to get a massage every single week, if you can wing it every couple of weeks, it could do you a lot of good. 

Visit friends

Spending time laughing with friends can be really good for you. It can help you to forget the stresses going on in your life. Or maybe you need to vent a little in a safe space with a person who gets you. Either way, spending time with friends and people you care about can be beneficial for when you just need someone to talk to.

Even if you get together over a Zoom call because of social distancing, time spent sharing stories, fun, and even stress with those you love can help you feel like a weight is taken off of you.

Consider therapy

In our busy lives, it can be hard for us to find the time for each other. Maybe you don’t have time to hang out with friends on a regular basis or you don’t feel comfortable discussing your stress with them. Maybe you need some help or advice that your friends can’t give you. 

If you’re dealing with heavy stress because of some serious situations or simply the stress of everyday life, it could be helpful to invest in a therapist. While it could take some time to find the right match for you, when you do, you could find your life changing for the better while decreasing your anxiety and stress. 

In Conclusion

Stress can make our lives miserable, yet it can also be hard to manage. Whether you have a high workload or have some situations going on in your life that are difficult to handle, you may be having a hard time even functioning with all of the stress that you’re under. It’s important to manage your stress to live a healthier and more peaceful life, so consider these tips to help you feel better.