How To Care for Hand Tools


Professionals neglect to maintain their hand tools, too, but these tools are expensive, and they are your babies. If you take care of them now, they will stay by your side in the long run.

Clean your hand tools after every project for better performance and lifespan. If you want to clean your hand tools professionally, buy a gun cleaning kit. You will find the tools necessary to clean pretty much any hand tool you have.

You might have a lot of tools on your hands. Some of the most common tools are ratchets, wrenches, screwdrivers, and so on. Also, you might have power tools such as tile saws, drills, and chainsaws.

For proper maintenance, you need to store your tools correctly. Next, comes cleaning them properly. After that comes sharpening. Then you need to lubricate the tools in the right places. Finally, don’t forget about regular inspection, and always follow the manual.

You can check online to get a better idea on how to sharpen a chainsaw blade. Here’s another in-depth guide on how to sharpen a chainsaw.

Storing Hand Tools

Storing tools the right way is very important. Each tool that you buy comes in its own case. Don’t discard the cases. Rather, use them to store your tools. They might look bulky but having them will preserve the quality of your tools. Socket organizers, for example, helps not only to organize your socket set but also to avoid misplacing the other parts

Some tools come in boxes. If that is the case, don’t just dump all your tools into one toolbox. 

You should store all your tools in a dry place. Do not expose your tools to rain. When the weather takes a bad turn, it’s time to gather your tools and move them inside your comfy home corner. Furthermore, don’t leave your tools laying on the ground; it’s risky and no good will come from it.

Don’t just store your tools, either. Rather, organize your tools. This will increase work efficiency, and your tools will be in better shape from the extra attention.

Some of your hand tools might be quite large. For example, a chainsaw needs a decent amount of space to store. You can do two things with a chainsaw.

First, you can hang it from a hook, but hanging it can be risky. So, the best way to store it would be in a big chest. 

Cleaning Your Tools

You can clean your hand tools with soap and water. After you have cleaned them, use a dry rag to get all your tools dry.

If you want to do a better job then what you can do with soapy water, use chrome polish. Just apply a thin layer of chrome polish on your tools. Next, take a dry rag and wipe off all the filth. It will come off easily. 

After cleaning the metal part of your tool, clean the handles. The best idea is to get a piece of cloth and soak it in linseed oil. Now, coat all the wooden handles and let them rest. This will keep your handles in good shape and gives it a nice shine.

When it comes to power tools, cleaning is not enough. You will have to use oil certain parts, too. And if you don’t, then you will have malfunctions. So take your time and oil the parts that need it. However, remember to follow the manual while oiling.

Cleaning is probably the most important part of maintaining your hand tools. Clean your tools every time you end a project. And other than that, clean your tools every month.


You can sharpen your tools using sandpaper, water stones, or diamonds. The easiest and cheapest way is to go with sandpaper.

The problem is that it has no structure to it so it bounces off. You need a flat surface to use it on. Put a piece of wood or glass under the sandpaper, then sharpen your tools on the sandpaper.

The sandpaper runs out fast and eventually becomes more expensive than the other options. The water stone is a bit more expensive than sandpaper, but it lasts longer. You have to wet the stone and then sharpen your tools on it.

The best system of sharpening, in the long run, is diamonds. If you are getting into diamonds, don’t get the cheap ones. If you do, then it will rust and corrode. The diamond comes off, and it soon becomes useless.

Get an expensive diamond plate. It will last in the long run and will always stay flat. They work fantastically. 


Lubrication is important when it comes to hand tools. It makes the tools easy to use and lasts longer.

Tools with rubbing parts wear out quickly. You need to maintain them with good machine oil. Make sure that you get all the moving parts.

Power tools have many stops that need lubrication. Always follow the manual while lubricating, and don’t forget to do it regularly. 

Inspecting Hand Tools

Inspect your hand tools regularly even if you are not working with them for a long time. You should check for splintering and cracks on handles and early rusting on your tools.

Splintering and Cracks on the Handle

If you have splintering and cracks on your wooden handles, sand them down. Next, apply some linseed oil on the smooth surface. However, if the cracks are too big, it’s time to replace them. An accident over a broken handle is not worth it.


Your metal tools are prone to rust and need proper maintenance. Make sure that you oil your tools regularly. Other than that, use silica gel packs. They are moisture absorbers and prevent rusting.

Stick To The Manual

Every tool comes with a manual. Make sure that you follow each manual when it comes to storage, cleaning, and maintenance. This is very important for both regular hand tools and power tools. If you don’t have your own tools and equipment, you can check here for tool rental.

Consult the manual regularly, and don’t be shy to underline and use color labels to mark important information.


For proper care of hand tools, store your tools right and clean them regularly. Also, sharpen your tools when they get dull. 

Furthermore, you need to lubricate your tools and inspect them on a routine basis. Finally, you must follow the manual at all times.

Take care of your tools, and they will have a long life span. Also, there will be a lower possibility of malfunction and accidents.