Giant 50 Foot Concrete Slab Falls Onto I-277, Shutting Down Traffic


A giant 50+ foot slab just fell off of a tractor-trailer onto 277 inbound ramp between Wilkinson Blvd and I-77.

Thankfully no vehicles were hit by the slab, but the accident has completely halted traffic onto or off of the on-ramp. Police are now on the scene rerouting traffic.

CMPD just announced that they’ll be bringing in some heavy equipment to remove the slab. At this point, they aren’t sure how long it might take to remove the slab and allow traffic to return to normal.

WSOC’s helicopter got some overhead shots of the slab accident and posted it to their Facebook page:

UPDATE: 1/19/2017 4:52pm

The massive concrete slab has been removed and traffic has now resumed back to normal (albeit ‘rush-hour’ normal).