Gaston County Antifa Planning Rally This Weekend


UPDATE 10/17/2018 9:30am: 

We have now uncovered at least 2 other local “Antifa” pages in other parts of the country which are using the same images as what is posted on the “Gaston County Antifa” page.

It now seems likely that all pages using these images are run by one centralized person or group.

Original article 10/16/2018:

A new ‘Antifa’ group has been causing quite the stir on local social media channels. The group calls themselves the “Gaston County Antifa” (which stands for “anti-fascist”).

This past Sunday they announced that they will be rallying in front of Gander Outdoors to protest against the statue of the Confederate Common Soldier in front of the Gaston County Courthouse.

“We will protest in front of Gander Mtn in Gastonia on Saturday October 20th at 10:00 am. You will stand down! We have brothers from at least ten states coming here. On the agenda is getting a petition to remove that Nazi statue at the Gaston County Courthouse and recruiting new members,” the post noted.

In a recent video, the leader talks about what the group is trying to resist;

The ‘Gaston County Antifa’ page was initially created on August 18th after several of the founding members participated in their first rally in Asheville;

There has been growing political divide in Gaston County after the appearance of racist vandalism, KKK recruitng efforts, and an increasing number of confederate flags being flown around town.

What do you think about the recent rallys and protests around Gaston County?