Vandals Spray-Painted ‘KKK’ and Swastikas All Over Gastonia Neighborhoods


Homeowners in two different Gastonia neighborhoods have been discovering racist symbols spray-painted on homes and signs over this past weekend.

The unknown vandals have been defacing the property at night around the Colony Woods and Su-San Farms neighborhoods, off Hoffman Road just south of downtown Gastonia:


WSOC reporter Ken Lemon drove out to Gastonia to take some pictures of the vandalism

He also noted that Su-San Farms responded after the graffiti was removed with their own sign, reading, “Hate Has No Home Here”:

These are some other images of the vandalism posted to Facebook over the weekend:

photo via Rodney Allman
photo via Kayla Bonds
photo via Kayla Bonds

All of the incidents have now been reported to police. They have no suspects at this point.

If you have any information about these acts of vandalism, please call the Gastonia Police Department at (704) 866-6702.