Former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory Announces He Will Run For US Senate in 2022


Former Charlotte Mayor and NC Governor Pat McCrory has just announced plans to get back into politics with the launch of an official 2022 US Senate campaign.

McCrory sent out a statement on Twitter this morning, confirming the new campaign.

“For the last few years, I’ve sat on the sideline and watched people like Chuck Schumer and the far-left drag this country toward radical liberal policies,” McCrory said. “I can’t sit on the sidelines anymore.”

McCrory was the 53rd Mayor of Charlotte, serving from 1995 to 2009 and also served on the United States Homeland Security Advisory Council from 2002 to 2006. He was then elected as the 74th Governor of North Carolina, serving in that position from 2013 to 2017.

In 2016, McCrory lost his reelection campaign to Democrat Roy Cooper, the North Carolina Attorney General, and soon after, became the host of a Charlotte radio show.

What do you think about McCrory’s decision to run for Senate? 




  1. Glad to see him running. I’m sick and tired of everyone currently in office. No one is taking care of anything except their own interest to increase their wallets. Haven’t you noticed how behaviors are out of control. People are really hurting others. Name calling like children – no kindness towards each other. Young dudes causing wrecks with the car racing on our streets. Downtown- never seen so many druggies. Smell dope everywhere. And all the littering. It’s sad. I was born here. Charlotte was a lovely place to live especially for families. It makes me sad for the disrespect for our environment and for each other. Hopefully McCory will be able the restore some of these things.