Exclusive Cell Phone Video of Keith L. Scott Shooting Released By Family


The New York Times has just released a video of Keith L. Scott being shot by police while they were serving a warrant for a different man at his apartment complex on Old Concord Rd.

The video was shot on the cell phone of Keith’s wife (Rakeyia Scott), and includes Rakeyia’s pleas of her husband to get out of his truck and for the officers not to shoot him, but the video doesn’t include a view of the shooting itself (only the sound) – and it doesn’t show whether or not Keith was actually carrying a gun.

Mr. Scott was in his truck, waiting for one of his children to return home school, when the police drove up to serve a warrant on someone else. Ms. Scott then came out of her apartment with a cellphone charger for her husband and noticed that police officers were around the truck, at which point she began filming with her cell phone (according to Rakeyia Scott).

video-of-keith-scott-shooting-releasedJustin Bamberg, one of the attorney’s for the Scott family, commented in an interview today that the video does not prove whether the shooting was justified or not. He also stated that he hoped the Police Department would release is own videos of the shooting. A cry that protesters have been echoing since the shooting occurred this past Tuesday.

City officials have yet to release the dash cam video, saying they do not want it to interfere with their ongoing investigation (now in the hands of the NC SBI).

For more information on the Keith L. Scott shooting, and the protests and riots that proceeded, you can follow our live coverage article here.

What are your thoughts about the events this week in Charlotte?