Developers Submit Rezoning Paperwork For Massive 270 Acre ‘Crystal Lagoon’ in Huntersville


One of the largest undeveloped pieces of land left in Huntersville is now in the process of being rezoned by Bi-Part Development to build the Carolina’s first ever ‘Crystal Lagoon’.

According to Cornelius Today, Jake Palio, who helped develop Bailey’s Glen in Cornelius and Symphony Park in Huntersville, purchased a 270 acre piece of farmland off highway 73 last year. Palio’s company, Bi-Part Development LLC, has now filed paperwork to get the land rezoned for a mixed-use development with a massive ‘Crystal Lagoon’ at its heart.

Crystal Lagoons have worked with builders around the world to bring tropical paradises some surprising locations using unique technology that creates turquoise lagoons with white sandy beaches, palm trees, and other tropical features.

According to the rezoning petition filed with the town of Huntersville this week, the new project has a tentative public hearing set for June 5th. If the rezoning of the project is approved, construction on the new Crystal Lagoon could start by Spring 2024.

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