Concord Police Causing Outrage After Posting Photo of Their New $500k ‘Ambush Vehicle’


The Concord Police Department is now causing outrage online after posting a picture of their new “Emergency Response Vehicle”.

The military calls it a ‘Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle’ and it is valued at over $500,000.

In a now viral Instagram post, the Concord Police Department uploaded a photo of the vehicle with 2 officers standing in front of it and the caption:

“Emergency Response Vehicle looking sharp with Officers Bost and King at a cruise in held today. We were excited to attend event, seeing all the beautiful cars, and enjoyed speaking with everyone.#ERVmusclecars. RG”

The most liked comments on the post included:

forrest_cannon: How about you use this money for our public schools instead?” 824 likes
triana.marie: this is so unnecessary.” 713 likes
robzillaaaaaaa: Say it with me! Budget 🗣 cut 🗣” 556 likes
garrett_in_shenzhen: I had a lesser vehicle for combat operations in Afghanistan. What the hell is going on with you guys?” 512 likes
okeykayla: looks like it’s time to cut that funding” 424 likes
happyaccidents869: This is like a huge blinking sign that reads, “DEFUND US! WE DARE YOU” 385 likes
lauriepud: This is typical overreach by our local police…so unnecessary. Better use of $1000000 has to be out there.” 330 likes

CMPD also received military equipment, but according to WFAE, they have since returned it.

“We don’t use, nor are we requesting any of that equipment,” CMPD spokesman Rob Tufano told WFAE. “So it’s inconsequential here as far as this organization goes.”

What do you think about local police departments using advanced military equipment?