CNN Released A Viral Video With An Update On CMPD’s Officer Purdy and a Local Autistic Teen


Last year a potentially dangerous situation was defused by a compassionate and quick-thinking CMPD officer.

Officer Tim Purdy from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department was dispatched to help the unnamed teen who left school and may have been suicidal, according to reports. The teen had a history of violent behavior due to a neuro-development disorder.

When the officer arrived, he noticed other officers struggling to get the teen to cooperate and he sensed that the situation might soon turn violent. He immidiately stepped in and began to talk softly to the teen and eventually was able to get him to sit down, at which time, the officer sat down with him and continue to counsel him.

Here is the original story posted on the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Facebook page, which now has over 257,000 shares:

CNN recently stopped by Charlotte to reunite the officer and Charlotte resident…and to show his mom the now famous picture for the first time.

They recently released their update video on Facebook and has now been viewed over 2 million times;

Keep up the good word Officer Purdy!