Charter Spectrum Introduces Gig Speeds In Charlotte & Countless Other Cities


Charter gigabit internet has started serving 4 million more homes this month, and now over 27 million homes in Charter’s domain are at the receiving end of it. Charter intends to make the “Spectrum Internet Gig” service—with download speeds of up to 940 Mbps—accessible to virtually all of the residences in its footprint by the time the year 2018 ends.

Representatives of the Spectrum cable company state that the expansion of this service to 27 million homes means they’re already halfway through with their goal of making gigabit connections available to their entire 41-state footprint and they will be launching it to even more cities to get closer to that year-end goal.

The areas which successfully received the Gig at the start this year were San Antonio, Texas, Charlotte, North Carolina; Kansas City, Missouri; Cincinnati, Ohio; Austin, Texas; New York City; Oahu, Hawaii; and Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. However, the cost of the service varies depending on the region. The prices are high in some areas, while in others they’re a bit low.

Spectrum also offers free modems to the consumers when they subscribe to bundles. Without subscribing to the bundle, the standard costs apply.

The speed of 940 Mbps is particularly useful for business. Businesses also get a Wi-Fi which can be used by people in lobby areas, auditoriums, and waiting halls. You can also keep the business Wi-Fi exclusive to internal and authorized workers.

Spectrum Business™ has also now brought the phone service to keep employees in touch with each other and can be used for all sorts of communication. All members of the office can use the phone service for local or international calls to send valuable information, offer customer service or sell products to the existing customers. The Voice comes with 28 unique calling features to make your calling experience a hassle-free one. The cost for Spectrum’s voice service is $29.99 per month. The Charter Spectrum internet plans, when bundled include a TV service which can be used to entertain guests in your organization’s waiting area. The HD programming covers news, current events, and sports on high-quality channels such as ABC, NBC, CN, Discovery, CNN, TNT, FOX, ESPN, Network, CBS, FOX NEWS, and many more.

The Internet Gig speeds of 940 Mbps help a business achieve the goals they had planned for the current year and also aid them to predict outcomes for the years to come.

In this digital age, the growth of a business is indirectly based on the kind of internet you’re using at your organization and its availability in regions where you have your business’s roots. The business broadband by Spectrum provides you with the bandwidth needed to run business operations efficiently. The areas of the United States which do not have access yet would be able to get it very soon in the coming years. The work for the expansion of the network has already started in various regions of the State, and the increased speed will help businesses thrive whose work requires a constant and reliable internet connection. With Charter’s download speeds of 940 Mbps and upload speeds of 35 Mbps, business owners can be rest assured that they will have no issue sending or receiving data.

Gigabit connections are already available for subscription in the market. However, customers desire to bundle the internet with TV to get the best bang for their buck. By doing this, the consumers not only get a high-speed internet connection but can also view premium channels in high definition. If you wish to subscribe to the bundle offer or want to get a detailed insight on Charter packages, please call the Spectrum cable phone number.

The Gig, along with other services such as Wi-Fi, installation, and a free modem is subject to terms and conditions that might change so; please make sure to go through them before subscribing. The availability of the services, sales, costs, plans, promotions, may vary depending on the region. The charges for installation, equipment, or extra expenses also may or may not apply depending on the area of your residence.

Spectrum was only targeting enterprises with their Gig offer but has now made it available to small business owners and even the general public. The service is already having a significant impact in the areas it has been introduced and will soon be available in other regions of the US. If you have a question regarding whether the Gig is available in your area or the tentative timeline of when you’ll be able to get your hands on it, please contact My Cable Internet – The Best Authorized Retailer for Charter Spectrum.