Charlotte’s 2016 Keith Scott Protests Featured In Budweiser’s New ‘Typical American’ Superbowl Ad


Charlotte made it to the Super Bowl again, but this time not for football.

The 2016 Charlotte protests following the killing of Keith Lamont Scott by a CMPD officer are featured in an early-released version of this year’s Budweiser Super Bowl ad.

The ‘Typical American’ ad includes brief moments during the protest when San Diego’s Ken Nwakike Jr. can be seen standing in front of a CMPD police line wearing a “free hugs” shirt, then the video cuts to a clip of him hugging a police officer;

While Budweiser’s new ad frames the protests in a relatively positive light, the memory of Keith Scott’s death, the rioting in Uptown Charlotte, and the death of a protester on Wednesday night is what many in Charlotte will remember from that fateful summer;

Due to the widespread pain, loss, anger, and damage done during the events of 2016, many are now slamming Budweiser for the way they used the footage;

What do you think about Budweiser’s new ad?