Charlotte Will Be The Test Market For McDonald’s New ‘Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Tenders’


mcdonalds-buttermilk-crispy-tendersMcDonald’s just announced that it’s about to challenge Chik-fil-A, head-on, according to the Chicago Tribune.

They will be testing their new ‘buttermilk crispy chicken tenders’ at all of their 138 locations around the greater Charlotte region to see if it makes sense put the new item on all of their menus across the country.

The new tenders are basically one step down from McDonald’s ‘Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich’, which was first included on the menu back in 2015.

Many fast food restaurants have been toying with new chicken recipes over the past few years, including Burger King’s new ‘Chicken Fries’ and Taco Bell’s new ‘Chicken Taco Shell’.

New chicken and breakfast items are two main focus areas for McDonald’s menu development in the near future, commented Lance Richards, vice president of menu strategy, in a press release.

How do you feel about McDonald’s new ‘buttermilk crispy chicken tenders’? Do you think they could improve on Chick-fil-A’s recipe?