This Charlotte Road Was Ranked As One Of The Deadliest In America


An especially busy stretch of one of Charlotte’s main highways was recently ranked 15th deadliest in America.

Out of the 164,000 miles of highways in America, the stretch of I-85 that runs through Charlotte has seen one of the highest levels of deaths-per-mile, according to a report by Teletrac Navman, maker of GPS tracking devices for vehicles.

Between 2011 and 2015, there were a total of 378 deaths along a 666 mile stretch of I-85, with the highest concentration of those deaths being in Charlotte;

The report also states that the most dangerous time and day to travel on I-85 through Charlotte is between 3-4pm on October 6th, and it lists ‘motor vehicles in transport’, pedestrians, and trees as the highest causes of death;

I-17 in Myrtle Beach also made the Top 25 list, coming in at #20 with a total of 521 deaths along a 1,206 mile stretch of the highway.

I-4 from Tampa to Daytona Beach was ranked as the #1 most deadly highway in America, with a total of 165 deaths along a 132 mile stretch of the highway.

You can see the entire report by Teletrac Navman here.