Charlotte Officially Selected To Host The 2020 RNC


Yesterday the Republican National Committee voted to select Charlotte as the official site for the 2020 GOP Convention, where Donald Trump is expected to be nominated to run for his second term.

The nomination ceremony will likely take place in Spectrum Center, where 6 years ago, Barack Obama also accepted the nomination for his second term during the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

The official selection by the RNC came just 2 days after the Charlotte City Council narrowly voted 6-5 to allow the RNC to come to Charlotte, if we were selected.

After eliminating the potential host cities of Dallas, Nashville, and Milwaukee, the RNC’s two final choices were between Las Vegas and Charlotte.

The committee cited Charlotte’s abundant hotel access, proximity to a major airport, and our proven political convention track record as deciding factors in selecting the Queen City.

The RNC has yet to set a date for the convention.