Charlotte City Council Narrowly Votes To Move Forward With Hosting 2020 RNC


Yesterday afternoon, the Charlotte City Council officially voted to accept contracts to host the Republican National Convention in 2020.

Members were strongly divided on the convention, narrowly voting in favor 6 to 5. Public comments during the meeting were equally divisive, with just 53 out of the 96 speakers in favor of RNC.

You can watch the entire council meeting, along with public comments here;

The Charlotte City Council released a full summary of RNC contract just before Monday’s special meeting. It read that if the city’s costs exceed $50 million, the RNC committee will need to pay for the remainder.

The City of Charlotte officially submitted their bid to host the 2020 Republican National Convention back in April.

“We’re incredibly grateful for the support and assistance of our many City of Charlotte partners, hotels, venues and others who helped to craft this thorough response on behalf of our region,” commented CRVA CEO Tom Murray.

The convention would be a huge economic boost for our city, considering that the Democratic National Convention that we hosted in 2012 had an estimated economic impact of over $163 million.

What are your thoughts on Charlotte hosting the RNC?