Charlotte Just Launched ‘CharMeck Responds’ To Unify Volunteer Efforts During COVID-19 Crisis


Charlotte-Mecklenburg is coming together in a unified response to the Covid-19 Crisis. is for any faith community, nonprofit, business or individual to get involved in the unified relief efforts across the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area.

The CharMeck Responds Coalition is made up of 173 faith partners, nonprofits, businesses and other community organizations that are committed to making sure all the members of our community are cared for during this unprecedented time. This number is growing daily.

To date, 173 organizations, ranging from faith partners to businesses, food banks and non-profits, have joined the coalition. Over 1,579 volunteers and counting have mobilized around the area to serve at various opportunities and the results have been incredible. Here are few examples:

  • 160 children of first responders and hospital workers being cared for by the YMCA of Greater Charlotte and Mecklenburg County Park & Recreation.
  • 519,342 CMS meals distributed by CMS at 66 CMS school distribution sites feeding thousands of kids a day.
  • 2,390 individuals fed by CMS meals and distributed by volunteers at 44 community sites including hotels and 17 apartment complexes.
  • 8,600 weekend meal kits provided by Second Harvest.
  • 34,440 books from Promising Pages.
  • 1,400 classroom supplies, 529 dental kits, 264 homework kits from Classroom Central.
  • 680+ hygiene kits from Elevation Outreach.
  • Over $15 million in donations have been collected by the Foundation for The Carolinas and United Way to support the relief efforts. About $6 million is being distributed across the entire Charlotte-Mecklenburg Area. The next round of grant applications opens April 20th.
  • 173 organizations mobilized, led by FORCLT.

The immediate need is ever-present, and the CharMeck Responds Coalition is collecting Personal & Protective Equipment (PPE) supplies. There are eight drop-off locations at YMCA’s throughout the city and county.

This crisis is still ongoing. If you want to be a part of the response, or if you have a need, CharMeck Responds wants to know. Find out more at and follow CharMeck Responds on social media at @charmeckresponds Facebook and Instagram, and @cltmeckresponds on Twitter.

The Char-Meck Responds Coalition is part of the city and county’s VOAD Team (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, FEMA’s Emergency Support Function #16).   VOAD is an emergency support function reporting to the office of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Emergency Management, the coordinating arm for the city and county response to disasters.

The website is a portal for both community needs and how to engage them.