Charlotte Author Has New Book Published


Richard A. Klein, a lifelong resident of Charlotte, has seen the release of his second published book.  This time it’s one for children.  The title is “Something to Crow About”, published by Dorrance Publishing and available on-line from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

The story is about a young crow who worries about his diminutive size and wishes he might be larger and prouder.  Moe the Crow, feeling puny and tiny, turns to his mother.  She gives him the family history tracing Moe to a time when his ancestors rule the earth as dinosaurs.

The story changes Moe’s perspective making him believe that life’s best is what lies ahead.  Klein said that “This book provides entertaining rhyme, colorful pictures, a scientific story and a reminder of the bond between parents and their young.”

Klein’s earlier book reflected a recent career background, “Putting the Fun Into Fund Raising.”  He is also a former newspaper reporter a film scriptwriter who saw 65 of his scripts produced for television and group audiences.

Klein said he was especially pleased with his illustrator, Ariel Coburn of Alexandria, VA.  She has also worked with him on the writing of two future books for children.

You can find the new book here on Amazon.