CATS Launched A New High-Speed ‘MetroRAPID’ Service For Lake Norman Commuters


Great news for anyone living on the East Side of Lake Norman – CATS has launched their new ‘MetroRAPID’ program in northern Mecklenburg County.

The new program allows buses to travel at high rates of speed down I-77 on the toll lanes, allowing for much faster commute times during rush hours.

The new MetroRAPID bus routes include:

MetroRAPID 48X: Northcross Express

  • Serving the Northcross Park and Ride

MetroRAPID 53X: Northlake Express

  • Serving the Northlake Park and Ride via Lakeview Direct Connect;
  • Ridge Road Park and Ride

MetroRapid 63X: Huntersville Express (new)

  • Serving the Huntersville-Gateway Park and Ride via Hambright Direct Connect and Statesville Road

MetroRAPID 77X: North Mecklenburg Express

  • Serving the Cornelius Park and Ride (replaces service on the 48X)
  • Davidson-Gateway Park and Ride

The price of MetroRAPID is $3 per one way route, which is the same as CATS’ express fare. Riders won’t have to pay any additional cost to use the I-77 lanes, which could save riders up to $10 per day and over $3,000 a year.

What do you think about the new ‘MetroRAPID’ program?